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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Hey Babes! Welcome to DISCO SIS!! WhenI tell you your DISCO SIS shades are gonna set ya face on FIYAH, it's no understatement! The amount of LOVE for DISCO SIS has grown so quickly in such a short amount of time has truly helped me be inspired with my selection and design of my line. When I created DISCO SIS it was important for me to address three key elements. 1. My eyewear had to be CLASSY. 2. It had to be ECLECTIC. 3. It had to be AFFORDABLE. I personally own quite a few designer eyewear shades like Gucci, Tom Ford, and Chloe. With my line, I knew I wanted DISCO SIS to have that same designer feel and quality but also make it affordable for the conservative consumer who wants that designer look without spending hundreds to even thousands of dollars to get it! Great design can be affordable and accessible with Disco Sis. In creating my brand, I knew right away what my niche would be because it was in alignment with who I am as a person: A MODERN WOMAN WITH RETRO STYLE AND INFLUENCE!! DISCO SIS was such an eclectic name, and I knew it would stand out. Even emotionally I knew the name would automatically evoke the 70"s VIBE and STYLE that still inspires me to this day. I grew up in the DISCO ERA and was always so in LOVE with the FASHION, DANCE and the STUDIO 54 essence of it all. How can you not be inspired by 70's IT GIRLS like CHER, DONNA SUMMER, FARRAH FAWCETT and GRACE JONES?! I intentionally named most of the DISCO SIS frames and beauty products after my fave influencers of that time. But, the BIGGEST INFLUENCERS were the women around me like my mother, her girlfriends and my aunt. They all wore fly eyewear and in creating DISCO SIS I feel it's an ode to their grace and style and more importantly THEIR influence on my life! Wether you're a CITY GIRL, CITY BOY, or COSMO GIRL, I hope you continue to DANCE AT THE DISCO with DISCO SIS and check in often for all new exciting DISCO SIS SUNGLASSES, Beauty and Accessories. UNTIL NEXT TIME, KEEP IT SEXY SIS!!! SHANDA

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