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HEY BOO! HOW YOU DO?! Is it just me or does it feel like Fall just fell into season without a bat of an eye? The season changed so quickly and now winter is moving in! Fast! When I started DISCO SIS in early Spring it was quite literally SUNGLASS SEASON so when I premiered, my consumer response was fast and impactful. I was blessed to have so many orders and quite honestly many customers purchased numerous times. In moving into the Fall Season one of my biggest concerns were, will my customers continue to purchase throughout the upcoming seasons when the “SUN DAYS” are less than Spring and Summer? One of the most important things I learned as a business owner is knowing your consumer and being educated in your products. What do they have to offer and better yet, what do I have to offer that my consumer doesn’t know they need? That question alone helped me tremendously in purchasing products through ALL SEASONS. In educating myself I realized aside from the beauty of my Sunglasses, I learned the importance of lens color and how they play a major role seasonally. Let’s start with the YELLOW LENS. Yellow lens sunglasses provide greater clarity when engaging in outdoor sports and activities like skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. They provide clarity in fog, haze and other low light conditions while driving. They also filter out blue light that can cause eye strain while using your computer or even gaming. Additionally Red or Pink sunglasses offer comfort and help the eyes adjust to contrast. Winter sports fans hitting the slopes are often fans of this lens. They’re also great for increasing depth of field and vision to enhance driving visibility. What I also learned and value is an educated consumer. Being able to offer products that are not only FASHIONABLE but FUNCTIONAL are an asset to not only DISCO SIS but the DISCO SIS CONSUMER! Be sure to check out some of my fave yellow DISCO SIS DESIGNER SUNGLASSES yellow lens beauties: BLAKE, PARKER, STARCHILD and HARLOW. And a DISCO SIS rose tint staple, THE FARRAH AVIATOR, our NEW IRIS frame and DOLORES frame in VANILLA! UNTIL NEXT TIME! SHOP ON for your fave DISCO SIS SUNGLASSES! KEEP IT SEXY SIS! SHANDA

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